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Environment & Social Sustainability

Green Environment

Responsibly Social & Environement

YLL is an early adopter of green and responsible business with the philosophy of making profit but not at the expense of environment. Through responsible consumption and production, YLL contributes to the prevention of pollution, energy-conservation and sustainable use of raw materials. Green and sustainable environment is the first priority at YLL and we work to decrease carbon footprint, water consumption, and waste from our manufacturing processes.

We devote ourselves in perpetuating energy, managing waste effectively and filling up the environment with greenery at our best capacity. Besides YLL has improved store design to utilize full capacity, enforced the recycling of waste and implemented usage of double-sided copy-machines to reduce the consumption of papers. At YLL, economic success are aligned with the balance of social and environmental prosperity.

Sustainable Use of Energy

YLL has always believed in nurturing a responsible relationship with the environment and through this contribution, we hope to influence other entrepreneurs to make Bangladesh a pollution free nation. As an extension of our eco-friendly philosophy YLL is planning to invest in Solar and Wind power generation ventures.

Reuse and Recycle

YLL has always laid utmost importance to ingrain eco-friendly practices and therefore, the production floor is furnished and governed by a ‘reuse and recycle’ policy. The unusable parts and extremely shredded articles are recycled into waste cotton and unused accessories are sold mostly to the local tailors.

Waste Collection: The first step in our recycling process is to collect and handle the unused items or wastes for further processing. Waste Processing: The second step in our recycling process is to process or modify the wastes to make the best use of the sourced materials. Validation of the Recycled Items: In the third step our experts do the assessment of recycled products footprint and provide validation of recycled products doing thorough verification considering the product’s entire life cycle.

Employment Relationship

At YLL we hold fast to rules and regulations of employment that honour workers and indemnify their rights under applicable national and international labor and social security laws and regulations.


We do not practice discrimination in employment, comprehending in regard to hiring, compensation, growth, discipline, termination and retirement. We are also indifferent different demographic variables namely gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, social class or ethnic origin during our recruitment process.

Freedom of Association

YLL values, recognize and respect the right of the employees & workers and provides freedom of association and collaborative bargaining. We believe employees should be free and have the right to join any organizations of their choices. YLL never refrains employees and workers from joining any organization rather let them exercise their right join anywhere they want.

Health and Safety

YLL provides a safe and healthy workplace designed and maintained to prevent accidents, illness and injury attributable to the work performed or the operation of the facility and machinery. Moreover, the company has developed various programs such as clean drinking water, medical facilities, basic hygiene and sanitation for the women and the workers families. There is lunch and mid-day snack program for the workers designed according to healthy dietary plan.

Green Environment Authorities

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