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Our Services & Solutions

With 25 years of experience, we have masterly reputation for customer satisfaction as we never trade off on the quality and services rendered to our valued clients. Hence we are proudly serving quite a good number of global-retailers for 20 years as their nominated supplier. Our core value is to maintain transparency and uprightness in our supplier-client alliance and keep our clients happy and satisfied.

New Brand Development

We are very professional to develop new brand for both garments accessories & Socks & tights.

Labels & Packaging

One stop solution of your garments accessories.

Socks & Tights

We produce all kinds of Socks & Tights containing any design and pattern, exploring to Europe, USA & Canada.

YBD ERP & Automation

Our full business is run by our inhouse ERP & design is managed by customize automation software.

Why you choose us?

We never compromise with our quality and also offer a competitive price.

Quality is an unwavering fact of life at YLL where our point of convergence is to first understand client’s requirement and specifications, and then design, develop and deliver products adhering to them. We ensure satisfied repeat clientele as a norm which to us ultimately means attaining and outshining client’s expectations.

Our talented teams make sure your product in your hand in time.

Time is the soul of business and profitability is the pulse, which we believe steadfastly. YLL believes in undertaking challenging yet achievable delivery schedules which we can practically adhere to. Depending on several factors as we all know, schedules will be communicated and order fulfillment completed within the stipulated time frame as contracted.

We believe in commitment.

We truly believe YLL’s success relies completely on the principles of fair dealings and ethical conduct. To nurture our vision to become the global leader we adopt and adhere to the best of manufacturing and international compliance norms to deliver the best product range.

Below are the highlights;

  • Competitive price with high quality product
  • Implementation of wastage free / lean manufacturing
  • Very short lead time for delivery
  • No limit of minimum order quantity.
  • Maintain proper ethical standard and safe working environment for workers.
  • Automated ERP system reduce manual paper work
  • Strictly follow local and international environmental rules and regulations.

You are note only our clients but also our partner.

You will be working with a fantastic team where everyone is equally enthusiastic to help you throughout the course.  With our constant focus on innovation and sustainable technology solution, Young is a fresh and exciting partner to work with.


Our full business is run by inhouse ERP & design is managed by customized automation software that makes our business paperless & process your order flawless.

We have maintain local and international 100% complaince & environmental   rules and regulations.

How We Work

We’re Constantly Improving Our Skills to Fulfill your demands.

New Product


Sample Develop

Best sourcing

Constent Client Interaction

Best Quality Management

100 % complaince maintain

Smooth Delivery Ensure