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Young Socks Limited

Young Socks Ltd. is a private Limited company, which started commercial production in July 2006.
We produce all kinds of sock & tights containing any design and pattern, exporting to Europe, USA & Canada
We specialize in kids socks and tights and now manufacture adult socks.

Our Products

All our knitting machinery is 100% computerized.


We have 100 single cylinder drum less knitting machines from Sangiacomo, Lonati (Italy) & Nagata machines from Japan ranging from 96 to 168 needles.

Our machinery can create or amend any pattern during production cycle in the machine monitor without going to the design computer. Machinery has three step motors used consequently for cylinder adjustment, stitch cam adjustment and heel cam adjustment. All machinery has electronic sensors for yarn control to ensure minimum yarn breakage and maintain highest finished quality

We have 6 Linking machine imported from Italy

We have 2 (two) 100% automatic boarding machines for excellent finishing with a steam chamber imported from Tecnopea in Italy.

Metal Detection:
Young Socks Ltd has invested in lock systems metal detection equipment for checking broken metal parts by passing each and every sock/tight after knitting and linking through the conveyor belt of metal detector. This UK origin machine is the most modern with a high sensitivity level which is able to detect 1mm diameter of metal parts.

Customer Base
  • NEXT (UK)
  • Matalan (UK)
  • Debenhams (UK)
Production Capacity
  • Socks 600,000 pairs per month.
  • Tights 120,000 pairs per month.
  • Our raw materials are imported from Taiwan, Korea and India.

Socks & Tights